微早报 | 安踏体育市值蒸发超百亿;B站将上线互动视频功能




36氪报道,7月8日,哔哩哔哩(以下简称“B站”)公布了网上“互动视频”功能。 UP主人可以创建具有不同选项的交互式视频,用户可以通过播放器进行选择,触发多个绘图和结尾。此功能仍处于测试阶段,仅向拥有超过10,000名粉丝的UP用户开放。




据钛媒体报道,卖空机构Muddy Waters Research(瑞瑞公司)发布报告称,当地体育用品领导者安踏体育用品有限公司(“安踏”)财务欺诈:有确凿证据安踏控制大规模分销业务,制造业有利于公司的财务报告欺诈。 8日上午,安踏体育下跌了近9%。中午,安踏体育宣布该公司的股票在香港证券交易所是短期的。在停牌前,安踏体育报每股51.25港元。与前一交易日相比,下跌了7.32%,市值蒸发了109亿。


Titanium media reported that on July 8th, Xiong Junmin, vice president of glory products, exchanged some key technologies of glory 9X in Beijing. The most important of these is the core Kirin 810 chip. It is reported that the chip adopts a 7nm process technology, and the entire product has been developed for 36 months. More than 1,000 semiconductor design and process experts have participated in it, and more than 5,000 engineering verification development boards have been spent.

5. Google intends to join forces with Dish to establish the fourth largest operator in the United States

《纽约邮报》According to sources familiar with the matter, Google is negotiating with US satellite TV giant Dish Network to discuss the creation of the fourth mobile operator in the United States. In April last year, T-Mobile agreed to acquire Sprint in the form of a full equity transaction with a transaction size of approximately $26.5 billion. This means that the third largest and fourth largest mobile operators in the United States have merged, reducing the number of large national carriers nationwide from four to three.


6. Shanghai Yuchu requested to ruling LeTV Department 4 companies to pay 132 million yuan

On July 8th, LeTV.com announced that it received an arbitration application sent by the Beijing Arbitration Commission. Shanghai Yuchu requested that the four companies including the company pay the equity repurchase amount of 132 million yuan. Regarding the impact of this move on listed companies, the announcement stated that the company believes that listed companies should not be responsible for the repurchase of this LeTV sports case.

7. Bytes are being tested in the English learning app "Tangyuan English"

Titanium Media July 8th news, byte beating is being tested inside an English learning app called "Tangyuan English", this product is mainly in the form of video, using the real image + AI oral teaching mode for online teaching. Online children's English teaching platform "aiKID", English speaking learning app speaks English, back word App reads white back words, also the byte jump products.


8. Ruixing Coffee released a new strategic grade “Little Deer Tea”

36氪 reported that Ruixing Coffee released a new strategic grade “Little Deer Tea”, on-line cheese tea, hand-tea, milk tea, other categories (such as bubble tea), a total of 4 categories, more than 10 teas, will be in July On the 10th, it was launched nationwide. Guo Yiyi, co-founder of Ruixun Coffee, said that there are too few brands of head-chain teas, and there are almost none of the self-operated tea brands in more than 500 stores. The quality of the franchise stores is worrying and the supply chain management is insufficient.


On July 8, 2019, Titanium Media detected 15 investment, financing or mergers and acquisitions in the technology and Internet industries, of which 8 occurred in China and 7 occurred overseas, with a total transaction volume of more than 16.631 billion yuan.

In China, the total investment and financing of the technology industry today is about 565 million yuan. The single largest transaction event occurred in the enterprise application industry. The financing company was Shenzhen Sige Internet Information Technology Co. Ltd. with a transaction amount of 200 million yuan.

The total investment and financing of overseas technology industry was about 2.377 billion US dollars. The single largest transaction occurred in the tourism industry. The financing company was CruiseWise, and the transaction amount was as high as 2.25 billion US dollars.

The United States is the country with the largest number of investment and financing transactions today, with two totals of approximately $2.257 billion, and the second and third places are the United Kingdom (two from approximately $64.045 million) and Germany (one from approximately $50 million).

Domestic 7.8 days to create a big event:

xx人力资源SaaS服务提供商“易软件”获得2亿元C1轮融资,SIG带动了房地产经营管理数字服务商的定位,“四网”赢得了超过1亿元的B +轮融资加速产品落地,物联网?智能视觉解决方案解决方案提供商“宇盘智能”获得4500万元前期B轮融资看好推送通知智能分析,“步网技术”获得线性资本和红杉中国种子基金数千万A轮投资脑健康发展然后青睐“易医”赢得3000万元的A轮融资,用“声学监测”切入设备运维,“韵升科技”完成1000万元前A轮融资“诺辉医疗”获得10万新一轮融资,为医疗支付和保险解决方案提供新的解决方案3e8b42c5995549efb0bc7af79269ef33


Go-Jek收到了三菱的新投资,作为其正在进行的F轮的一部分。通过此次交易,Go-Jek将进一步扩大其在东南亚的业务。 Go-Jek On-Demand视频流服务GoPlay现在为Google Play上的Android用户提供测试版。



印度云厨房Rebel Foods从Go-Jek获得了500万美元的投资。这轮融资是公司正在进行的D轮融资的一部分。迄今为止,Rebel Foods已投资2090万美元用于其D系列融资,包括现有投资者Lightbox,Sequoia和Evolvence。


Oyo创始人Ritesh Agarwal或者回购了15亿美元的股票以获得更大的控制权。



Rama Fossa表示,南非的一些电信运营商此前曾致函他,称阻止华为不仅会阻碍南非5G网络的建设,还会影响现有的3G和4G网络。 “我们需要5G,只有华为可以带给我们5G。我们支持能够为我们的国家和世界带来更好技术的公司。“